I rode up the gondola with a very nice cougar today who happened to own two houses in Telluride and was very friendly.  It got me thinking:  Should I set her up with one of my buddies?  Can she ski?  Does Telluride have the finest cougars in all the land? She was talking about tree skiing so she must not gape it too badly….We all know about the famous cougars of a little place called Aspen, so I figured we ought to compare and contrast celebrity cougars.  Was Mary Swanson from Dumb and Dumber a coug?  Maybe a tad young, I thought.  No way- she was born in 1963 I found out, definitely cougar status.  Aspen also has Heidi Klum who at 38, with a couple of rug-rats, is getting into the realm believe it or not .  They have Melanie Griffith and Goldie Hawn as well.  Hot damn, we have some stiff competition!

Telluride is a dark horse cougar-wise.  Its where the cougs go when they don’t have to be flashy to work it…they are a stealthy predator.  We have great cougars like Kelly Ripa and Tom Cruise’s ladies, Nicole Kidman (previously) and Katie Holmes (alright maybe not a coug).  We also have down to earth cougars like Emmy Award winner Susan Saint James who donates much of her time to Special Olympics and the Telluride Foundation.  I hear Laura Linney is really cool too; she’s got a house here and is a picture perfect cougar.  It is tough to compete with Aspen but we’re doin’ just fine down here.  So what do you think, who has the better cougars?  You be the judge…














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16 replies on “Who has Hotter Cougars- Telluride, or a Little Place Called Assspen?”