Glow in the dark balls would be key | Looks like Snocce has been around for some time

One of the greatest things about summer has to be the lawn. Yes, around these parts not everyone has one, but those who do are sure to have parties or gathering where people are having some summer fun playing all types of lawn games. Why stop when there is snow on the ground? Why not throw on a jacket and some Sorrels and play some Snocce? Yep, thats right. Snow Bocce.

A friend of mine introduced me to this idea through a look at the Falls Creek Resort website, where it seems to be quite an established practice. When seeing these people having so much fun, I can’t help but think that this is brilliant. Could lawn games on snow revolutionize the apres ski world? Why not play some Snocce up at High Camp after a beautiful day of spring skiing? Or, how about some Snoquet next to Le Chamois as you share a big cold pitcher of Bud with your friends?



Images from Domino Danzero Family Photograph Collection and

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