Mark Keim dives a wall off Utila, Honduras



The Line of the Week
Photo’s by Ryan Salm
Words by Ryan Salm
Location -Utila, Honduras
Divers – Home Team

Home Team Invasion – Volume #2 – Scuba

It’s amazing what lurks under water. By this I am not just talking about rusty old girls bicycles like the one Dan Hurley road into the Caribbean in Volume #1. I’m talking about freakin’ sea creatures! I’ve always found that even when I’m in a good place to dive but on a different adventure, I never seem to give diving the time it needs. I always seem to be just passing through, dive here and there, then move on. So this time we got the team together and the plan was simple, we were going to scuba dive all night and party everyday.

We got off the ferry at noon on Day 1. My dive master buddy, Jeremiah checked us into a shack and by 1:30 island time we had put down some rum and were getting our gear ready for our first dive of the trip with Parrot’s Dive Shop. Dan threw Keimtime immediately under the bus by unofficially letting the the dive shop know that Keim hadn’t been in the water in years. They made him take a refresher while we threw back some more rum. After the refresher Dan asked Keim to let him in on the refresher notes. When anyone had an issue my cousin Scott, the true king of neutral buoyancy dialed them out.

And so it went. We did two tank dives by day, raged it by night. We quickly learned that our crew was better off diving in the afternoon. On two separate occasions a member of the Home Team gave back to the sea. Yes, the indigenous “Puke Fish”. Those 6 am wake ups were just too tough.

The water was a perfect 83 degrees daily. For the first time in my life my skinny ass could dive without a wet suit. The visibility was endless and the diving was great! Just as we had hoped, when you dive every day you get better. You get more comfortable and it becomes second nature. In our 10 days on island we dove at a majority of the possible dive sites including wrecks, walls, caves, reefs, sand bars, and women of all nationalities. 😉

Jay Sanavage swims through a cave off the North side of Utila

You always hope you see something new or something big underwater. Some of our most notable run ins were the spotted eagle ray, the Hawksbill sea turtle, squid, and a “whale shark” which turned out to be a reef shark.

Sea Turtle

As we got more and more dialed, we started to get more and more creative. Costumes started popping up under water (like kilts with no board shorts), new phallic fish hand signals were invented along with under water shadow boxing, taunting, and dry humping. We tried our best to get the cutest dive masters we could get each day and that was life for ten days.

Check out the AIRPORT CAVES scuba line of the week VIDEO !!

Home Team Crew
“Naked Guy”
“Jay with a “G”
“Shocker fish”
“Boring Fish” aka Drop Dead Gorgeous Fish
“Prima Dona Fish”
“Scissor Fish”
“David Carradine Fish” – RIP
“Puke Fish”
Special thanks to John Wayne, Flor de Cana, Jeremiah, BBUW, BOI #1 & #2,  and all of Jay’s Boyz.

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