granite chief chair to be detachable

granite chief chair to be detachableThe Granite Chief Chair proposed to be replaced with a high speed detachable chairlift for 2011/12

Squaw’s most recent proposal to Placer County has NO improvements for the lower mountain. So any problems we had on storm days last year, will be compounded by even bigger crowds next season.  We should have the Conceptual Site Plans along with maps and more information on this tomorrow.

What Are The Proposed Changes for Squaw Valley Ski Resort?

1.  Removal of 5 Chairlifts Granite Chief, Links, Bailey’s Beach, East Broadway, & High Camp

2.  Replacement of Granite Chief Chair – A new high speed detachable in it’s place

2a.  Granite would be upped from a lift capacity of 1,800 skiers/hour to 2,400 skiers/hour

2b.  Significant tree removal would be necessary to put in this new lift

3.  Replacement of the High Camp lift – A new lift that begins at the base of the current High Camp chair and ends where the current top of the East Broadway Chair is.

4.  High Camp Surface Lift – A rope tow nut-cracker from the base of current Links Chair to High Camp

5.  “Soccer Field” Surface Lift – A rope tow ball-pincher from near High Camp to 250 feet northwest of the current top of the High Camp Chair.

What do these improvements mean?  They mean that we aren’t going to have a solution to the lower mountain storm day overcrowding next season.  Again, we’ll have much more info on all this tomorrow.  Stay tuned…

So, these are the changes that Squaw Valley has proposed to Placer Country for this summer.  Do you agree with Squaw?  Do you like their plan?  Do you want to see something different?  If so, what?  Lets hear it and let Squaw know exactly what the people want.

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