Gear Review | Voile Light Rail Splitboard Binding

Gear Review | Voile Light Rail Splitboard Binding


Gear Review | Voile Light Rail Splitboard Binding


I recently purchased the Voile Light Rail Snowboard Binding along with a build-it-yourself Voile hardware kit. The Light Rail bindings have proven to be effective in both performance and durability. The bindings allow for efficient touring due to lightweight technology and the use of minimal material which allows for less ice build-up. And what’s more, the binding is supportive enough to handle every backcountry condition I have yet to come across.

  • Cut-away baseplate for reduced weight and less icing
  • Machined 7075 aluminum rails add stiffness and durability and reduce weight
  • Avalanche rip cords on both quick releases for an added measure of safety
Voile Light Splitboard Binding

I plan on making a few custom changes to the bindings, including swapping out the tow strap. There isn’t much of a toe cover and the original strap supplied is pretty beefy. Another change I plan on making is an adjustment to the avalanche rip cord. I appreciate the innovative technology focused on safety, however the strap is pretty janky and has already come undone on a few occasions.

Voile Light Rail Pin

In terms of riding, the binding gets a great rating. Bullet points include the fact that it’s lightweight and has just the right amount of flex and strength. I’m glad I chose to purchase a splitboard-specific binding and not mount regular bindings. The generic snowboard binding doesn’t provide you with the same responsiveness you get from the custom fitting Voile binding.

Overall this has proved to be a great binding. I give it a 9 out of 10.

Review by Trevor Hall


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