K2 and Freeskier Magazine have just announced the BUILD YOUR OWN BOARDS competition. The competition starts on the 1st of October, 2011. How will it work?  By submitting your own graphic, you will then be picked as a finalist (if you have what it takes) and flown to Seattle. There you will hang out with a K2 pro while you make the skis of your dreams at the K2 headquarters. Sounds pretty cool huh? I’d say so, and hopefully that unknown “pro” is Seth Morrison, or Sean Petit. And I say that not because I look up to them, which I do, but because of all the K2 Pros, it would feel the best to give either of them a pro call out.

Interestingly, they have published this with the url: www.k2byob.com on the poster, but this will not take you anywhere. Make sure to check that in the near future, as I assume it will be up and running with more information soon.


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