Rumors gave way to reliable sources this afternoon as Unofficial has learned Tioga Pass is currently closed from 4 miles west of the Mobil Mart.


Just as it’s really started to finally feel like spring in the Sierra, with a historic snowpack, and Tioga Pass being cleared up to the top where the backcountry skiing is about as good as it gets, the pass has shut back down again. However, this time it’s not due to a late season snow storm. Word is there was a huge rockfall event this week, the road is damaged, and it could take up to 2 weeks to repair. 

While no official word has been given, that’s the unofficial on what’s up on Tioga for now. We’ll keep you updated as the story develops further and if we hear of any goods news as far as the road opening back up and allowing us access to Mt. Dana, the Dana Plateau, Mt. Conness, North Peak, Gaylor, False White, and the numerous other classic lines that are just begging to be shralped by skiers and riders before the sun cups come out.

For now we’ll just have to enjoy these shots courtesy of of the road crews clearing the pass from snow and hope the road can get cleared soon. There’s just too much good skiing to be done up there and the clock is ticking, so get on it boys and girls. Beers are on us if you can get it cleared for at least one-way traffic in the short-term. If you can deal with these ridiculous snowbanks then our best guess is you can clear anything! 

Look at the size of this snowbank!

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