Since the death Andy Irons, 3 time world champion surfer, it has been publicly unknown what the exact cause of his death was. Autopsy results were recently released that reveled heart attack as the cause which potentially can be attributed to the mix of drugs that were found in his system. Andy Irons was found dead in a hotel room on November 2, 2010 after pulling out of a surf competition in Puerto Rico due to feeling ill.

Irons body has been examined by three medical examiners who have all confirmed the presence of  cocaine, xanex, methadone and trace amounts of methamphetamine.

While the Tarrent County Medical Examiner reports that drugs were the secondary cause of Irons death, Dr. Vincent Di Maio, who examined the report, states that the levels of drugs were at therapeutic levels and not cause for death. The family of Irons has favored Dr. Vincent Di Maio’s opinion and has stated to believe the death to be natural.

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