squaw valley june 7 2011

Squaw Valley on June 7th, 2011.

On June 6th we were in a raging blizzard here in Tahoe.  Upper elevations around the lake got over 12” of fresh snow, had 28F daytime temperatures, and consistent winds of 25mph.  We were skiing a foot of pow, throwing flips, avoiding avalanches, and enjoying sh$t-eating-grins.

eric bryant alpine meadows powder snow storm june 6th, 2011Alpine Meadows on June 6th, 2011.

On June 7th we were running in the blazing hot sun in Tahoe.  Temperatures were in the high 60s, there wasn’t a breath of wind, and the only things in the sky were the occasional puffy summery clouds.  Truckee Regional Park was going off with softball, basketball, skateboards, sun-bathing, river swimming, and a huge ultimate frisbee game.

truckee regional parkTruckee Regional Park on June 7th, 2011.

Being at the park was a trip yesterday. I was watching people with a little clothing on as possible playing sports, laughing, and generally freaking out to be out in the nice weather. One day before the previously described scene that same park was covered in an inch of nasty wet june snow.

basketball hoop in Truckee regional park

It’s fun to see the change in Tahoe right now.  People are brighter, more wide-eyed, happier.  Winter was starting to wear on people and hang from their faces like drool. Now with the sun out, the temps up, and the days long, Tahoe people have had a face-lift as they think of BBQs, baseball, swim suits, and beer.

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