Unofficial Beer | Greetings from Boston. Hope you're thirsty...

Unofficial Beer | Greetings from Boston. Hope you're thirsty...


Unofficial Beer | Greetings from Boston. Hope you're thirsty...


editors note: Unofficial Beer is a new weekly article by Master Brewer Matt DeLuca that will highlight some of the best beer from around the world.

Hey.  How’s it going?

I’m writing to you from my apartment in East Boston, MA as summer slowly creeps in with a beautiful glass of India Pale Ale at my side.  My name is Matt DeLuca and I’m proud to be a brewer at one of New England’s most revered and iconic breweries here in Boston, Harpoon Brewery.  I feel I’d be a great candidate to share with you my thoughts and experiences within the world of beer here at UnofficialBeer.  And what better time to start than on the cusp of summer, when the days get longer and the weather gets warmer.  A time when nothing is really better than pulling a cold bottle of beer out of a big, fat cooler of ice while on your buddy’s boat.

I am very fortunate to be working in the craft beer industry.  Not only is it filled with some very interesting people and places but it is one of the country’s most thriving industries.  While working at the Harpoon Brewery in Boston, I have the luxury of being exposed to the industry’s insides and outs.  I get to meet all kinds of people and can typically get access and special privileges to exclusive beer related events just because it happens to be my day job.  I wouldn’t trade trades for anything.

I love beer.  It is my drink of choice.   I went to college just outside Burlington, VT and that is where I initially became geeked out over craft beer.  My senior thesis was a 36 minute documentary film chronicling the history of craft brewing in Vermont, which is proudly home to the most breweries per capita in the nation.  I love every style of beer and find the history behind each one a great way of perceiving the way our ancestors lived during a given time and certain place in the world.  I find the art of brewing fascinating.  A perfect blend of nature and science that results in something truly special. Hate it or love it, I think we can all agree that beer is one thing we can’t live without.

My goal with Unofficial Beer is to promote healthy beer awareness among the readers of Unofficial Networks and to share with you my experiences in the incredible world of beer. I hope you enjoy.


Matt DeLuca

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