Yeah, it was cute that Chris Davenport got in some turns on the Lhotse face this month. But, if you wanna see some real skiing with a guy who has real big balls, you need to talk with Yuichiro Miura who straight-lined Everest with a parachute in 1970!

In the year 1970 Japanese alpinist Yuichiro Miura decided that it was time to step it up and straight-line the face of Mt. Everest.  So, he did.  His balls are the size of grapefruits.  Since this amazing act of testosterone they have been removed, brassed, and placed on display at the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame in Ishpeming, Michigan.

Yuichiro skied 6,600 vertical feet in 2 minutes and 20 seconds and then fell another 1,320 feet down the Lhotse face and stopped just before falling into an endless ice cliff. Yeah, that all sounds scary and all, but what really validates the frightening music and creepy commentary in the video is that 8 memebers of Yuichiro’s expedition died during the ascent.

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