Global Rescue is the most badass shit you probably don’t know about. Basically some former Navy Seals put together  an international medical and security evacuation company that will come save your ass when the shit hits the fan. Whether it’s a broken leg in the Patagonia BC, a drug induced hart attack in Bogota or a kidnapping by Africans in the DRC one call on your SAT phone (SATELLITE PHONE CHEAPER THAN YOUR IPHONE?) and Global Rescue will come save you sorry ass. A medical and security membership will only set you back $655 a year so you would be an idiot not to have this.

The world is a dangerous place. Whether it’s a car accident, heart attack, broken limb, infectious disease, natural disaster, sectarian conflict or other emergency event or threat of bodily harm, Global Rescue provides our members the ability to control dangerous and difficult situations. If you’re a member and are injured or become ill while traveling, our physicians and Johns Hopkins’ specialists will advise you. If you’re hospitalized–or need hospitalization–and want to be evacuated to a medical facility of your choice, our contracted, best-in-class air service providers will transport you. If you need to find a local healthcare provider, we’ll locate one for you. If you need to be rescued from a dangerous situation, our special operations trained operators will get you out. These are just a few of the services that Global Rescue provides to members in need. Global Rescue

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