Into Darkness is a 15 minute short film from Uncage The Soul Productions and directed by John Waller. The film is described as a “short adventure essay about the experience of exploring the secret underworld of caves.” The film was shot on a Canon SLR and the trailer looks both amazing and frightening at the same time. This type of stuff really scares me just thinking about it and some of these visuals take it to a new level.

The following is taken from the Telluride Mountainfilm website:

“Amazing what wonders can lead from an unassuming hole in the ground: crystal spires, cathedrals of calcite, gypsum cascades. To access this magical cave, however, a certain suffering must be endured and one must overcome more than a little fear. For the cavers of Into Darkness, this means squeezing through impossibly constricted spaces, exhaling everything in their lungs to make their bodies improbably flat, feeling their heartbeats thud into intractable rock, or holding themselves up by nothing more than their armpits. The contortion and pain is worth it, though, as they emerge into a dazzling underworld chamber of secrets and experience one of our world’s few final frontiers.”

The film will be screened during the festival on Saturday, May 28th at High Camp in Mountain Village @ 4:00 PM as well as on Sunday, May 29th at the Sheridan Opera House @ 6:45 PM.