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links chair squaw valleyThe Links chair at Squaw Valley USA.  photo:

It’s no secret that Squaw/KSL will be changing a lot on the mountain this summer.  KSL has already promised $50 million in improvements to lift infrastructure and culinary arts at Squaw.

Unofficial has been sneaking around trying to dig up information about what the big lift changes are gonna be.  Will they be the changes we need to mitigate the enormous storm day crowds?  High-speed Red Dog?  Improvements to Oly Lady or Cornice II?

Nope, it appears that Squaw is going to be leaning towards the beginner market this first season.  Once again losing shares in the advanced/expert skier market that has the loudest voice at Squaw.

Rumor has it that these will be the potential improvements:

– A rope tow that will whisk you from High Camp to up near the top of the Shirley Lake chair.

– A lengthening of the High Camp Chair up towards the top of where Links is now.

– The Links chair will be shifted to the right to make it easier to get open on stormy/windy days.

Yeah, that’s it.  So…yeah, that’s it.

Is that what you guys were hoping for?  Or, are you looking for something different in lift changes for next year at Squaw?

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