It’s pretty rad that the most cutting edge tricks in the WORLD are going down right now at Squaw Valley USA International Mountain Resort.  18 year old Sebastian Toutant just started throwing, get ready for this mouthful, Front Side Triple Cork 1440s.  That’s essentially jumping high in the air, spinning 4 times, flipping 3 times, then landing right on your feet while riding away like you just got done scratching your butt.

Watching this makes me realize how incredible these tricks are and how insane the sessions at Squaw’ Red Bull park are.  Considering how small Squaw’s public park is, it’d be sweet if they could leave a couple of these bigger jumps so that we can develop some of these park guys here at Squaw.  Since March, Squaw has had no public half pipe.  This is one of the best ski resorts in the world and we have no public half pipe!!!

Squaw is going to be leaving the Red Bull 22 foot walled half-pipe up for the public beginning on April 29th.  Can’t wait.

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