Taco Bell Couloir is one of those runs that should be on your list.  It is a line that delivers you right to the town of Jackson.  Up until this year, it was ideal to finish the shred and head into Taco Bell for a reward taco.  Now with the franchise out of business, it is not quite the same, but it is still a fun ski.  The patch of snow has a double fall line so it is like trying to stay on a wave the whole way down.

In order to ski this line legally you should hike it from the bottom.  There is an easy crossing of Cache Creek right behind the Taco Bell building, or Meadow Brook condos.   If you are fortunate enough to know someone that lives on East Gros Ventre Butte, you are stoked, because you can drive right to the top.  Watch out if you are doing the drive and have no connections on the butte  There is a douche bag that lives on top that loves to go out of his way to ruin other people’s fun.


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