The Brooks-Range Primaloft Cirro Hoody

The Brooks-Range Primaloft Cirro Hoody


The Brooks-Range Primaloft Cirro Hoody


If you are looking for a comfortable, warm, lightweight layer for all your alpine pursuits (or even just hanging out around the campfire) then look no further. The Brooks-Range Primaloft Cirro Hoody has literally got you covered.


I have been looking for a piece of apparel that fits this description for far too long. In the recent past some companies have started playing with lightweight and warm designs, but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon this gem that I finally found my “go-to”. It’s as comfortable as any down layer out there. The synthetic insulation feels much fluffier than it actually is and the jacket even retains heat if it gets wet. The overall feeling of the jacket is what I would call a performance fit. That is it’s not too tight, nor is it loose; it fits slim and somewhat snug.

It’s versatile in that I’ve found myself wearing it every time I leave the house for whatever mundane activity I’m partaking in, but it’s also been stuffed in my pack or started me off at the trailhead for every backcountry tour since I got it. While camping and skiing in the Chugach Mountains of Alaska I used this jacket on cold mornings for the initial part of a tour until I warmed up, skied with it at the slightest hint of any high mountain chill, and wore it easily under my hard shell if temperatures were cold enough to warrant multiple layers.

If you don’t already know Primaloft is a gift to the active lifestyle. It’s super warm and extremely wearable. With the Cirro Hoody Pertex comprises the actual exterior and interior material, which is durable and helps prevent easy tearing with its smooth finish. Pertex will help propel the lifespan of your hoody immensely. It’s also water resistant.  

I haven’t found many, if any real issues with this jacket. I’d prefer more options as far as colors go, but that’s about it. I know some people don’t like performance fit items so if you’re buying this with the sole intent of comfort, and not so much for any anything active you may want to go for a bigger size (or fluffier model).


This jacket is light, coming in at 14 oz. (396 grams) in a Men’s medium. That means it’s the kind of layer you don’t have to rationalize bringing on a given mission because it’s so light and packs so much warmth it’s just worth it. The hood is a great addition for added warmth and there’s a stand up collar so the hood won’t pull at your neck when you’re skiing and building up wind resistance.  The pockets are useful and helpful especially when considering several other brands that make a similar product don’t have them. For the price you’ll get a lot of use out of this jacket. It’s one of those items that will keep you warm when changing from skinning to skiing (and vice versa), but it’s so functional you’ll find yourself using it for many more reasons than just your outdoor pursuits.   

Average Price: $189.00

Available Color: Red, Blue, Black

Sizes: Small, Medium. Large, Extra Large

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