Mogul skiing is catching up and it won't be long before we see doubles thrown in World Cup mogul competitions. How far is too far? I don't know. Can Moguls be cool again? | Unofficial Networks

Can Moguls be cool again?

Can Moguls be cool again?


Can Moguls be cool again?


As an ex-mogul skier I would like to start by saying moguls are still cool. If you can ski bumps you can ski anything. OH, now it makes sense why all the top Big Mtn. guys are ex mogul skiers. DUH! Put the majority of today’s park rats in the bumps and they’re stuck.  Skiing bumps takes a tremendous amount of skill and physical pain.

Today mogul skiing has been shadowed by the “newschool” movement. So are doubles flips, like the ones in this video, an act to try and bring the sport of mogul skiing back into the small spotlight allocated for skiing? Who knows. However sometime in the near future we might see double flips allowed in mogul competitions. The sport must progress right? How far is too far? I don’t know?

A bump skier’s run is judged by seven judges. Turns are worth 50% of your score and Air and Speed are each worth 25%. Doubles are no doubt a crowd pleaser and if competitors run with a 720 beast a competitors run with a double (both 720 degrees of rotation) the crowd would go up in arms probably forgetting about the competitors turn portion of their score. Some could argue that as more tricks are allowed into World Cup mogul skiing the less judges, and crowd, pay attention to turns. Maybe?


We can’t forget why we’re skiing tho. If you do.. go watch GNAR. It’s all about fun, fun, and more fun. For some fun is landing a rightside dub 12 on an ice park jump and for others fun is skiing a powder filled pillow land in British Columbia. For me it’s the latter.

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