Gear Review of Lifeproof cases for touch devices including iphone, iphone 4, ipad, itouch and Android. iPhone Case – Lifeproof | Gear Review | Unofficial Networks

iPhone Case - Lifeproof | Gear Review

iPhone Case - Lifeproof | Gear Review


iPhone Case - Lifeproof | Gear Review


It’s no Golden Shellback but since you can’t get your hands on that little miracle a Lifeproof iphone case is your best bet for keeping your phone dry when your on the slopes. Lifeproof builds waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof and shockproof cases for touch devices. And lets face it, we all know how important it is to wrap your valuables in protection. A case for your iPhone 4 will set you back $69.95. Get yourself an lifeproof case and stop worrying about dropping your iphone in the snow when you take it out of that crapy plastic sandwich bag you keep it in to read our Unofficial Tweets.


The snow was absolutely dumping out of the sky. You know when it snows so hard that it’s kind of a nuisance? I mean I love powder skiing as (…)

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