What the HELL to do in Tahoe this Week!?

What the HELL to do in Tahoe this Week!?


What the HELL to do in Tahoe this Week!?


squaw prom feb

Ok, we’ve actually got some good shizzle rockin’ and rollin’ this week!  We’ve got the Freeskiing Tour, Squaw Valley Prom, and Alpine’s Telemark and Freeride Festival.  Hey, that’s more than you can shake a stick at!

Thursday- Sunday, Feb 24-27 -Alpine Meadows Telemark & Freeride Festival. A telemarketing freeride big mountain competition.  There’s also an uphill race to keep the hippies happy!  www.alpinemeadows.com

comp skier

Thursday -Sunday, Feb 24-27 – North American Freeskiing Championships at Kirkwood– Come out and watch competitors put it on the line for judges they don’t even know!  There are always some incredible highlights and the best competition venue on Earth, the permanently closed Cirque!  www.kirkwood.com

Wednesday, Feb 26 – Squaw Valley Prom Alright, there are definitely not any single girls left in Tahoe.  I told you to get after it in December.  But, you might be able to talk some out of town girls into coming with you.  Have your game ON the next two days on the mountain.  Girls love proms and they always have SOMETHING nice to wear buried in their two suitcases of clothes they brought for their two day trip to Tahoe.

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