teton pass wy

Today was sadly our final day in Jackson Hole.  The weather is going to be cloudy tomorrow, and being a Californian, well, I don’t ski in cloudy weather, period.  So, we’re headed back to Tahoe where there haven’t been clouds for a month and we won’t have to worry about encountering them for at least another month.  Thanks God!

But, before our voyage west we felt it appropriate to have a look see at the much talked about Teton Pass.  It was described to us as a “quick boot pack up to awesome terrain.”   I’ll agree with the awesome terrain, but the 40-minute booter didn’t exactly feel “quick”.  I think it’s yet another testament to how hard these Jackson Hole kids charge.

teton pass rules

After the boot pack we traversed out to a zone we think may be called Chicken Scratch.  The terrain was unreal, but the conditions weren’t.  It turns out that above freezing temps for a week can even hurt the Wyoming snowpack.  Dropping in we found wind-board, rain crust, breakable crust, 2-foot-deep sugar snow, and our Tahoe favorite:  MANK.  We still tried hucking a couple smaller cliffs and paid for it dearly.  Some good crash footage, tho.

teton pass bowl wy

Lower down in the trees we did find some perfect hoar frost covered powder.  This put the smiles back on our faces and as soon as we got un-lost in the Wyoming wilderness, we cruised back to the resort for some serious groomer madness.

The groomers at Jackson are dreamy 2,000 vertical foot beauties.  On my 192 Atlases with no edges I had little to no control every run and couldn’t stop laughing.

Basically, Jackson is fun no matter what.  Even the groomers rule.