Product Review: Prior's Khyber Split Board

Product Review: Prior's Khyber Split Board


Product Review: Prior's Khyber Split Board


khyber Splitboard snowboard

The Khyber Split Board:

The Khyber split board is great for riding powder. The rocker on the nose makes this board float comfortably, and isn’t soft like some of the other rocker boards I’ve tried. This board really performs in the deep stuff. With a narrower tail,  it is more of a surf style ride. It is much easier on your back leg, and keeps your nose up in deep low angle trees.  Riding switch is a challenge, but the ease of turning and the feel of this board in powder is worth the sacrifice.  I used the Voile Split Kit with this board. It  is a pretty easy system to figure out. You need to make sure you tighten up the base plates, and set it up right. You don’t want to be re-adjusting your base plates at the top of your line. The board also has an inside edge which makes it easier to tour up icy side hills.

A great thing about Prior boards is they offer custom graphics. You can choose one of their stock graphics or you can drop some extra cash and get whatever you want on the board. Split boards from any manufacturer aren’t cheap, But think about how much money you’ll save on snowmobile gas!

Check out the vid we made while trying out the Khyver Split:

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