Gear Review: Intuition Liners

Gear Review: Intuition Liners


Gear Review: Intuition Liners


Boot Liners, Custom Liners, Intuition

How fun is driving a car without power steering? Well skiing without a custom liner is about the same feeling once you have had them for a little while. I am partial to Intuition’s Power Wrap Liner. They form around all those little oddities that are your feet and ankles. I have been in them for the last 5-6 seasons and I am not sure how I skied without them. A taller cuff and the double overlap wrap of these suckers make stock liners feel strange and inadequate in comparison.

Boot Liners, Custom Liners, Intuition

Intuition Power Wraps  are like having a custom footbed from the knee down. What?!? You don’t have custom footbeds? Do yourself t huge favor and close your laptop right now. Then head to the nearest shop, and immediately buy some footbeds before reading any further. (I would strongly recommend Inkline on 3300 S or the Deep Powder House at Alta.)

Boot Liners, Custom Liners, Intuition, Luxury Liner

Intuition makes loads of other liners too. The one pictured above is there Luxury Liner .(clever name) These are designed to be Uber comfy, while maintaining the custom feel. I tried them out and they were a little less high performance than the Power Wrap. They have a more traditional liner feel and would likely be perfect for you mom, or dad, or buddy who does not ski quite as hard as your bad ass self.

Check them out at Intuitions Website.

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Don’t be this guy! Get some Intuition Liners!


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