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Local Review: Jackson Hole Tram

Local Review: Jackson Hole Tram


Local Review: Jackson Hole Tram


The Jackson Hole Tram is the place to be in the winter.  For all you guys out there waisting your time chasing tail and spraying at the bar, you should rethink your tactics. All you need is that big red box.  Waiting for that 4139′ ride, there is always an audience that cannot go anywhere and has to listen about how badass you are.  This puts you in good shape because everyone in line knows how sick you get, and you pretty much have your chose of any girl there.

The next step takes place on the tram dock.  At that point, everyone has strategically placed themselves in a spot whee they can get the most room or best view.  They have it all wrong.   This is where you check out the talent.  It is is a fine tuned skill to work your way through 99 people and make it look like you just happened to be pressed chest to chest with the best looking girl in the tram.  But, all it takes is some practice.

Now you have 9 minutes to work your magic.  Actually, a little less because of the daily tram announcement.   But that is more time than she would give you at the bar.  So now she does not have the ability to walk away, it should be easy to seal the deal.  But if for some strange reason  you reach 10,450′  and you still have not scored digits, there is good news.  All you have to do is ski to the bottom and you can do it all over.

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