Skiing then the Spa... Hard life I know. Gotta love coming home to Telluride We got (some) snow! Powder and a Hot tub | Unofficial Networks

We got (some) snow! Powder and a Hot tub

We got (some) snow! Powder and a Hot tub


We got (some) snow! Powder and a Hot tub


Telluride got snow, but in comparison to Silverton and Wolf Creek we received flurries and they got snow. Silverton 28 inches (again) and telluride under 10. But this small storm of seven inches did no stop people from getting after it as yelps and screams could be heard everywhere from Millions to Stonehenge. It did not stop the opening of Revelation or the skiing in Bear Creek.  The storm, however did stop two days worth of flights arriving and departing from telluride. These cancellations  have caused me to be stuck in my hometown during a snowstorm. How sad. I know, right.  Tomorrow will will be cold. cold, cold. With a high of 11 during the day. So Telluridians and tourists alike ski with your neck gators, hand warmers, and  Balaclavas.

No better day then skiing pow then going to a hot tub!

p.s Anyone notice the G.N.A.R tribute in the video?

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