Dec. 16, 2010-Things are looking up in Telluride!

Dec. 16, 2010-Things are looking up in Telluride!


Dec. 16, 2010-Things are looking up in Telluride!


Today was SICK! Best day of the season so far! After a few inches over night it started really puking when we got up there, and were definitely psyched we had some new terrain to ski. FINALLY! Chairs 12 and 14 opened this morning for the first time this season with some deep snow to be found, especially in the trees and some fun lines. Sure was sweet skiing in some fresh snow again, it felt really good!

After lapping 12 for most of the morning, we headed up chair 14 for the first time this season. Riding up, it was apparent just how much more snow we need before anything up there opens. Let’s keep thinking SNOW! From See Forever, we skied Woozley’s to Silver Tip which was pretty awesome. With most people heading out to Prospect this morning, everything off 5 saw little traffic and was pretty fresh.

After a pint and some food at the Hopgarden, I headed back out to 12 and skied some chopped up POW for a while before heading in with the snow still flying up there!

Today sure was a blast, every run was so much fun and I can’t wait to get back out in the morning. The forecast is really looking great, snow everyday through the weekend and into next week! YES! Hopefully this will be a big step to some of the bigger stuff opening soon!

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