The complete gear review of the best all mountain ski on the the market. The salomon Shogun Ski Salomon Shogun Ski | Unofficial Networks

Salomon Shogun Ski

Salomon Shogun Ski


Salomon Shogun Ski


Salomon Shogun Skis

The Salomon Shogun Skis are the best all mountain skis on the Market

The first ‘powder specific’ twin-tip ski that really made a difference was the Salomon Pocket Rocket. After years of domination with the Pocket Rocket ski Salomon used the same mold and created the Gun, an equally excellent ski. Four years later and the ski world is introduced to the Shogun, the best all mountain ski on the market.

I received the Shoguns in the mail two years ago and have been skiing them ever since. The Shogun ski is made of bamboo so you have that extra bit of pop, and believe me you feel the energy of the ski. As well, the full bamboo wood core minimized the vibrations while you are ripping crud. The Shogun allows you to shred powder with the rocker shape, or rip the groomers. I use this as my everyday ski, and Mark Abma uses it as his park ski. This ski can hold up in the bumps (as I tested out this summer) or in the crud (skiing week old ice in New Zealand), The ski even performs well in the backcountry, want proof? I skied the Shogun for over half of my section in ‘Out of the Shadows’ by Dendrite Studios.  My mom has skied this ski and she loves it and my brother owns a pair.  Believe me if you are looking for a ski that can really ski the “whole mountain” the shogun is for you. The Shogun comes in a size of: 164 (for the groms), 173 (perfect for your mom), 182 (what the smaller guys, like me, ski on), and 191 (for everyone else). Check out for more info on the Shogun

If you are looking for a everyday ski… try the Shogun.

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