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I Want Powder.....That's What I Want

I Want Powder.....That's What I Want


I Want Powder.....That's What I Want


I want powder and that’s all I want! The last two days in Whistler were Amazing. DEEP POWDER. And almost the whole mountain was open. My friend Alex Filler and I took full advantage of the deep powder and?…. No, we did not sleep in. We got out of bed and shredded all day. This video shows the powder portion of our weekend on Whistler Blackcomb On the other hand it does not show us getting cliffed out and having to billy-goat for 2 hrs at the end of the day to get out of this gnarly zone. Thankfully Alex, and I, along with photographer Andrew Strain made it out still smiling.

Speaking of smiling.  Skiers and Snowboarders know the “perma-grin” that everyone gets on powder days. The person with the smile glued to their face because of the mixture of wind-chap and faceshots…. Yeah, we know that grin up here in Whistler and we hope to keep it all year.

The amount of terrain open on Whistler Blackcomb has allowed for fresh face shots even two days after the storm. However today may be the last day of powder because it is suppose to warm up and rain as high as 1,800m.


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