FWT stop three Squaw!

FWT stop three Squaw!


FWT stop three Squaw!


The morning of the Squaw comp we decided to not rush in to inspection. We showed up just in time to find an area and be able to watch the guys first couple of runs. I saw where I wanted to go and was concerned about the bombholes of the men. I decided I was just going to point it off the top and air over the holes.

I was anticipating a big drop but the impact was a bit harsher than I had hoped. I bounced another 30 ft or so in the air and some how managed to ski away! I was so sore from that impact that i decided not to take a second run.

It was so cool to watch the girls stepping it up on their second runs! Every lady killed it, I was so happy to be apart of this contest.

Standing up on the podium with Ingrid and Ane was awesome. Both those ladies killed it!

It was even more of a surprise to see that I jumped to the top of the FWT standings! Verbier here I come!

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