Powder skiing from Timothy Konrad on Vimeo. Classic California Bluebird Powder Day!! Their were more then a few people who were shocked to see a full parking lot at 9 this morning. The mass of skiers and riders that showed up at Squaw Valley today seemed to move as one big heard from lift to lift. Things kicked off at the Funitel with a big rush for Upper Mountain. This was promptly followed by a split between Shirley and Broken Arrow, only for the heard to merge once again a few runs later at Granite. Once word got around that Headwall was opening the stampede was on, again. In between all this madness there was some great skiing to be had. Multiple feet of new snow has fallen on the Upper Mountain since it was last open. What were 20 foot cliffs a few days ago are now 5 to 10 feet, if they are still there at all. No joke, 20 foot cliffs gone, buried under wind blown snow. By the end of the day the snow had a fairly thick sun crust starting to form. Most of the goods have been taken but there is still a chance to finds some stashes tomorrow. Also look for a possible Silverado opening mañana.