The Spanky, Original Sports Hanky, is a unique microfiber lens cloth and trail map.

The lens cloth you need!

The Spanky was born while riding the chair lift in Crested Butte, I was having a difficult time folding my paper trail map and was only carrying tissues to wipe my goggles. I experienced an ‘aha’ moment and thought how come there isn’t one product to wipe my goggles with that also had a trail map on it? In that moment the Spanky was born. The Spanky was created for skiers and snowboarders everywhere to provide them with a practical and convenient accessory to their mountain experience. Today’s paper trail maps are difficult to use during variable weather conditions on the mountain. The Spanky allows you to quickly scan the trail map and wipe your goggles without concern for wind and snow. – Shawn

Spanky Specifications

An important part of developing the Spanky is allowing for a surface on the fabric that will not scratch today’s high tech len’s surface. The trail maps are sublimated into the fabric as to not cause any surface tension and therefore no scratching from the microfiber. The microfiber lens cloth is safe for all lens surfaces, including camera lenses. We at Spanky Sports, inc. tested over 35 different types of microfiber fabric and developed the one we felt shows the most water absorbency and particle transfer without smearing.

You can order one of the over 60 Spanky Sports Hanky, HERE at their official website

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