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WME’s Flow State World Premiere Photo Gallery

October 23rd, 2012 by

Friday night (10-19-12) was the World Premiere of Warren Miller Entertainments’ Flow State in Salt Lake City. The event is annually held in SLC and it was a much larger … Read More

Mt. Hood Summer Shred VIDEO for SnowGlobe

October 15th, 2012 by

Earlier this summer Kaya Lampe from Sessions Outerwear put together a trip up to Mt Hood to film a short video with several local groms. These 4 kids represent motivation, talent, and drive.  They are also 4 really good kids that are enjoyable to be around on- and off-the-hill.

Kaya Lampe, Hunter Simpson, Rals White, Mike Jones, Charlie Ingalls heading up to Mt. Hood.

This video will be featured at SnowGlobe December 29-31 and features 2 of the artists who will be appearing. I was stoked with the summer shredding and fully expect to see big things from all 4 of these guys this winter.  The level of talent beginning to develop with the young Tahoe park skiers is already impressive. With a facility like Woodward just down the street, it’s going to skyrocket. Super-groms Cody Laplante and Aspen Spora are just a few years behind and we could see some new Tahoe Olympians in the coming years. Good luck guys and keep killin it.

I was stoked on the music and it got me excited about SnowGlobe this winter. The skiing starts at :41 seconds in.


SheJumps Hotties Getting Rad In AK

October 2nd, 2012 by
YouTube Preview Image

Take a couple of good looking skier girls and stick them in AK with some guns and snow machines and see what happens.  This happens! Nice line from Sierra Quitiquit at 1:24. What do you think your chances of keeping up with these ladies are? I think not good….

Bring on the Winter!

Woodward Tahoe Grand Opening UNOFFICIAL VIDEO…. Is this the best facility in the US?

June 14th, 2012 by

Saturday afternoon countless professional athletes and action sports enthusiasts converged at “the Bunker”, the 33,000 square foot building that is the prize and jewel of Woodwards growing action sports brand. Woodward Tahoe represents an infusion of action sports culture, camps and progression to the area.

The Bunker at Woodward Tahoe

The facility can be used by skateboards, BMX, inline skates, and Roller skis and Roller Snowboards. 6 Olympic Fly Bed trampolines, 1 super tramp (one of a few in the world designed in Toronto),  a Mega ramp into foam pit, a Mega ramp onto a resi landing, a skate park, mini ramp, pump track, 3 foam pits, and spring floors fill the building. There was a sense of awe from everyone in the building on Saturday.

Mega Ramp into Foam and Resi

Tony Hawk made the trip up for the grand opening, as did Tanner Hall and the Inspired Crew. So did too many other athletes to list, or remember. The level of performance inside the building on Saturday was shocking and not just from the pros. 9 year old Cody LaPlante was throwing multiple doubles on the super tramp. Where this next generation is going to be in a few years isn’t really fathomable yet.


Rollerskis allow access to the same terrain as skateboarders and inliners.

Not only was The Bunker going off inside, but outside Boreal had a perfect 22 foot superpipe, a bag jump, 30 foot jump, and 20 or so jib features. All in all a perfect Saturday shred sesh.

Thanks Woodward for putting this facility here in Tahoe. It is going to change the future of action sports here.


Digital Media Room

Fast and Furious Season Edit | Gavin Smith Getting it Done

May 22nd, 2012 by
YouTube Preview Image

Gavin Smith is a great guy who has quickly become part of the Snowbird family. His good attitude and frequent willingness to send things makes him one of my favorite people to ride with over the past two seasons. Considering his skills and size (6’3″+) you might not believe that he is only 19 years old. As a sophomore at the University of Utah Gavin can attest to the fact that Utah is the place to be for college if skiing is your #1 priority.

I think his season edit captures some of the rowdier lines that went at Snowbird this year, opening with a solid straitline in the Forbidden that did not get hit up very often this season. Enjoy and share!

Have a great season edit? Send it to [email protected] Keep them short and keep them banger!

Josh Anderson as SaucerBoy….. you want to watch this VIDEO

May 14th, 2012 by

Back in January and February when we weren’t sure that Squaw would stay open until March, Josh Anderson and I decided to have some fun. The snow was non-existant and hardly pow, so we came up with creative ways to pass the days on the hill. Everybody loves SaucerBoy so why not go play the part for a day or two and see what happened? The response was amazing. People were yelling from the chairlifts, taking pictures, and super stoked on the whole thing.   Josh has dressed up as SaucerBoy for various events, and plays the character really well so it was funny.

Saucer Boy

If you haven’t dressed up as SaucerBoy I would suggest that you try it out. Feel out your inner Shane and the SaucerBoy in all of us. The looks, responses, and gawking was certainly worth it and I think Shane would have been proud. Thanks Shane for making these kinds of things funny and fun to do. 



Super sick Squaw VIDEO from this winter, most G.N.A.R. points?? did anybody see this?

May 8th, 2012 by
YouTube Preview Image

I’m not sure who had the most G.N.A.R. points at Squaw this winter, but Aaron Fox had to be close. If you want to know what it feels like to ski a lot of the Squallywood lines at Squaw, the POV of it is right here. It is 6 minutes long, but there are a lot of the lines in Squallywood in this edit. Skip to the :53 second mark to get to the actual skiing. Hatchett Line at 1:10, Smooth air at 1:16 looks perfect, Straightlining Box chute the way its supposed to be skied at 1:19, The Gate at 1:25 My air at 1:33, Colemans alternate slides at 1:44, Ring Finger at 2:11, Jt’s Air at 2:36,  Center Line in the Chimney at 2:41, Rock Maze at 4:55, Smooth air POV at 5:03, Voltage Rock at 5:17, The triple at 5:10,  Center Line in the Chimney again at 5:21, Diving board at 5:28, and POV of the Gate at 5:41.

This edit was also dedicated to Benny Brackett. RIP BUDDY.

Epic JH Powder Skiing In 1967!!! Bob Smith, RIP, Testing the New No-Fog Goggle // Was Skiing Better Back in the Day??

April 27th, 2012 by
YouTube Preview Image


Skier, doctor and inventor Dr. Bob Smith passed away on April 18th.  For more on Dr. Bob Smith, see Jake’s post.

Watching this video of Dr. Bob testing his no fog goggle concept, you have to wonder:  

Was skiing better back in the day?  


Is it even possible today to ski lift served untracked beneath a mid-day sun and then launch through the trees onto a clean ribbon of untracked?  Skip to 4:25 to see Pepi Stiegler, long time JH ski school director do it…

Bottomless, fresh tracks as the sun sets on the South Hoback Trail?  Skip to 5:11

Edit below, although awesome, shows the Fingers at Squaw essentially tracked out in less than a minute.

YouTube Preview Image


The game has changed.  Gone are the endless days of untracked down The Starr, complete your eights on High Rustler or thoughtfully considering a myriad of options off The Cornice Bowl.  The tradeoff being, thanks to scores of high speed lifts, fat skis and etc., that huge amounts of vertical can be racked up in a day.  Still, doesn’t multiple laps of unhurried face shots seem better?


Bob Smith, in deep

Dr. Bob Smith testing face shot goggle compliance, JH 1967


Scoring first tracks in today’s world involves a lack of sleep, a mad rush to the hill, and this:


Waiting for the lifts to open on a powder day

An hour before opening bell, securing a spot to catch at least one run of untracked.


It also requires a mental checklist for line A,B,C or …. in case the ripper in front of you gets there first.

Today, it’s one (maybe two) laps and the game of untracked is over.  Sure, resorts with staggered lift openings provide a chance to replicate the untracked, but not without plenty of competition and a do over of checklists provided above.  Obviously, the crafty locals who frequent these pages can dip into a plethora of stashes for their fix, but top to bottom can be hard to come by lunchtime.

Dick Barrymore sums it up it in the clip above from “The Last of the Ski Bums” when he says:

“There were A FEW people riding the cable car and sticking to the groomed trails…”


When the genie appears to grant three wishes, a ski bum season back in the day should be included on the list!  Assuming, of course the Fatties, Smith Goggles and Gortex come with the package.












OPUS Hut Trip Storm Cycle by the Rocky Mountain Underground Team

April 23rd, 2012 by

The RMU team was lucky enough to stay at the Opus Hut near Ophir this winter and it appears as though they hit a great storm cycle up there.  The snow is dry and stable enought to ski some bigger lines.  We all know they get more snow up there.  The start of the edit features the hut and the riders all getting together and some meeting for the first time.  Around 4:11 the storm rolls in and there is some great storm skiing in pow.  Check out the 360 off the hut roof at 4:57.  Right around 6:50 the boys ski some bigger terrain and it is bluebird.  Finally, an old friend from VT, Mike Rosenberg has a close call at 7:46 with a sizable slide.  Glad you’re alright Mike, and great skiing and edit all around RMU crew.  Next year we’ll have an Unofficial Trip up there.

Pillows, Pillows and POW! | Life Unbound Episode 4

April 19th, 2012 by

Telemark power couple Weston Deutschlander and Shaun Raskin are at it again the the final installment of their Life Unbound series. Over the course of this season Weston and Shaun traveled countless miles in search of powder and mostly got shut down due to low snow conditions everywhere. Looks like what they needed to do all along was hop in a heli and head to a remote backcountry lodge. Nice work on the pillows my friends! I am most definitely jealous.

Westons words:

We headed up to the Sorcerer lodge (Golden, BC) with the TREW crew for one last shot at winter. We were helied in and then left to own devices and tour for the next week. We got to ski pillows, do some glacier travel and a whole lot of pow. The hiking was strenuous and long but the payoff was high. It was an amazing trip with great people and the perfect way to end our first season of the Life Unbound. See ya next season!

Ghostland Observatory: Midnight Voyage, Pyramid: The Race