What’s the deepest amount of powder you’ve ever skied? Where was it?

What’s the deepest amount of powder you’ve ever skied? Where was it?


What’s the deepest amount of powder you’ve ever skied? Where was it?


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^Courtesy: FACEBOOK/Mt. Baker Ski Area

Ever been scrolling through social media and you keep seeing ski resorts and athletes posting hero shots of them slashing through feet of powder? Makes you pretty jealous right?

Well some of you have had some pretty deep days despite not having any photo evidence 😉

Live vicariously through our follower’s best powder skiing stories!

Ryan C: “6’ At Mt. Bailey, OR, 15 of us in the cat skiing the same 2 runs because of avalanche danger. Snowing so hard you could barely tell we’d skied the run an hour later when we did it again. Also had a 40” day at Brighton where about 300 of us made it through before the road closed.”

Chris R: “Choking-deep pow at Squaw. All roads into Tahoe closed. Was in the right place at the right time when patrol unexpectedly dropped the ropes at Granite Chief. 4 or 5 laps of untouched heaven and like 10 people riding the lift. One of the best days of my life.”

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^Courtesy: FACEBOOK/Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

Noah H: “Neck deep, February of 92 I believe, steamboat got 270 inches that month and it was the best I’ve ever had.”

Tommy M: “Mammoth ’93…..Dragons Back….so friggen deep the first 5 turns were under the snow….insane….stuff of dreams….deeply humbled….”

Mo S: “Got lucky to ski the country club day at Alta after this year’s 70 hour interlodge while the road was still closed. Chest deep hero pow all day, unbelievable”

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^Courtesy: FACEBOOK/Alta Ski Area

Devin N: “Skied the Chutes at Mt Rose after 38” of blower pow fell. They didn’t open it until 1:45pm that day and most of the skiers and riders had already tired out and gone home. I’ve snowboarded in deeper snow, but I’ve never scored better conditions on a better run than during those magical 2 hours. Conditions being equal, The Chutes are probably the best inbounds runs in Tahoe.”

Matthew W: “128” 3 day storm total at wolf creek. I believe it was 46″ overnight. Chest deep on the groomers.”

Adam L: “Monday after thanksgiving in 2006. Mount Baker ski area had 12’(yes, twelve feet) fall during the holiday. Insane storm
Snow level was at sea level, roads on the highway were closed that weekend. I lived in Glacier, no power, no phone and we couldn’t drive to Bellingham that Monday, so we went skiing…
I remember calling work when I parked to tell them I wouldn’t make it in.
I happened to pack a snorkel and used it for the first few runs.
If I remember correctly, it was sunny too.
So. Effing. Deep.”

EAST COAST STOKE: Winter Storm “Stellah Conditions” @ Smuggler's Notch |  Unofficial Networks

^Smugglers’ Notch during Winter Storm Stella

Rusty F: “56 inches at Smugglers’ Notch Resort after stella absolutely pummelled the northeast. I literally couldnt see where I was turning 50% of the time because snow was going over my head. If you know you know”

Garrett C: “Consistent and enjoyable? 50”+ Jay Peak Valentine’s Day ‘07. Deepest run ever? A post- storm cycle oddity of freshies that made me legitimately wish I had a snorkel.”

Jeremy B: “Grand targhee 2 days after Christmas mid 2000s. About 60″ overnight. They stopped letting people under 4′ tall 9n the chair. Couldn’t even move”

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^Courtesy: FACEBOOK/Grand Targhee Resort

Ford N: “During Mt Bakers record year in 98-99, we had some ridiculous days…I remember one mid week day with like 300 people there…I was in line for first chair and Duncan Howat came out and apologized for the late opening. Said that between when they shut down grooming the night before and 9am, the MTN got something like 22 inches of snow. He said he couldn’t open without at least one groomed line from the top of both peaks to the base. The lifts opened as two cats rolled into the White Salmon base and that was it…two cats wide top to bottom and everything else was completely untracked it was epic!”

Adam B: “280 inches spread out through 1 December at Alyeska.”

Justin M: “Randomly woke up one morning at 4am and saw it had snowed about 5ft at Stevens in a 24hr period. Grabbed my gear and rolled out and was driving through a foot of snow in the low lands so you know it’s going to be deep up on the pass. Got lucky and drove all the way to the top behind a snow plow with about 4 other cars behind me. Right as I parked they closed the road for avy control and Stevens had about 20 people there and they had already done their avy control. I was first chair and first tracks on the backside. It was pure bliss, and waist deep. Felt like floating in a dream the whole way down. I probably got ten runs in before more people started showing up. One of the best ski days I’ve ever had.”

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