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Squaw Valley Wins Best Ski Resort in North America | Outside Magazine


squaw valley number 1

That’s right!  Squaw Valley has ousted Vail Resorts, The Canyons, and even Whistler/Blackcomb in Outside Magazines pole of the best resorts in North America.  All of our hot headed, hard charging GNAR commitment has finally gained us the recognition we deserve…or something like that. 

Here’s what Outside had to say:

It hosted the Olympic Games more than 50 years ago but Squaw Valley is still the reigning champion of American ski resorts. With 300 bluebird days and 450 inches of snowfall per year, it’s hard to catch a bad time here.

You can read the full article on Outside Magazine Online.

The full list of resorts as ranked by Outside Magazine:

  • gee gee

    i want to figure out why i look at this website from time to time. this is so fucking stupid i feel like a geek even reading this.

  • coffee good!

    OHH yeah.. and its California, with a population of nearly 38 million people you should expect that one day someone would figure out how to get more then 50 thousand visitors a year.

  • Lift lines are awesome

    I’m so pumped for all you squaw folks, get ready for all the Outside skiers! I’ll take number 19 on this list any day of the week. But seriously, pat yourselves on the back and maybe even go get yourself a cookie, you are all awesome! Looks like mgmt has learned a few things from Vail. Enjoy your Starbucks!

    • coffee good!

      if your going to wait in line, might as well have good coffee and a rad view while you do it. way i see it is times are changin, Don’t fight forces, use them. Its going to be warm and sunny down here in squawllywood. now quit bitchen and get RAD!

  • Dumbing it Down

    Like we need to know this??? WTF, it just dumbs down Squally even more for the gapers to come and keep f-ing things up.

    Thanks Nancy for throwing us under the bus, you never did know how to properly run a resort, thus why you sold to the dicks from CO.

    My glass is half ‘stay the f out of my way’ ——

  • skiordi

    Not a single Washington ski resort in the top 50…yet the state stacked 6 of the top 10 Deepest snow bases in 11-12.

    #1 – Eagle Crest, AK = 150″

    #2 – Alyeska, AK = 104″

    #3 – Mount Baker, WA = 95″

    #4 – Alpenta, WA = 82″

    #4 – Snoqualmie, WA = 82″

    #5 – Mount Seymour, B.C. = 76″

    #6 – Whistler Blackcomb = 75″

    #7 – White Pass, WA = 72″

    #8 – Steven’s Pass, WA = 71″

    #9 – Schwitzer, ID = 69″

    #9 – Cypress Mountain, B.C. = 69″

    #10 – Crystal Mountain, WA = 68″

  • Master of Puppets

    When rating a resort you really need to look at all the magnificent amenities; such as ice skating rinks, ice castles, fine expensive dining, messages, night life , shopping, dancing, sleigh rides, foot messages, swell looking chalets and faux euro villages, art fairs and many fine things that “I would think” would be any world class resort.
    Clearly Northstar has to be #1, don’t you think?

    • geriatic Skier Gurl

      And boy-howdie are they going to be surprised, if it looks anything like last winter’s lack of fluffy white stuff until the March sierra-cement miracle during avalanche season.

  • Ski Bum

    The real story, if you read the article, is that a very popular and respected outdoor magazine rated Squaw Valley #1 in North America. The article states that they realize that not everyone will agree with their list, but they also describe what the criteria was for their rating. When I read the criteria, I can see why Squaw came to the top of the list. It’s also a testament to the very hard work of a large team of employees that have made a huge effort to do a outstanding job everyday and turn the customer service experience around. They have done it and it shows. The rest of the list doesn’t matter. Squaw Valley is number one!

  • douchee magoo

    I would have ranked Northstar and Heavenly above Snowbird. Actually snowbird/ alta shouldn’t even be on the list. True story.

      • douchee magoo

        Because alta/bird is even flatter than flatstar. The snow doesn’t stick to anything steep. Every pow day is dust on crust because the snow is too light and you feel every bump underneath. When Tahoe gets 4 feet of snow, there is 4 feet of snow on the ground. When Utah gets 4 feet of snow, it packs down to 4 inches. Oh and because the people that ski there are extremely sensitive metro……The list goes on.

      • righto

        Yep, Utah sucks don’t come ….. Errrhhh….. I mean, go there!
        Flatter than megastar!!!!!

      • Miles, did you take my ass chaps? Again!?

        These lists are always a joke. Unless I am charge. Which woould be a 3way tie for first with Squaw/ Jackson/ and the Bird followed by Mammoth then Whistler then Sun Valley… least that’s where are the real skiers are from

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