Grizzly with cubs cause backup on Glacier National Park road.
Grizzly with cubs cause backup on Glacier National Park road.

If you’re ever driving through Glacier National Park enjoying the staggeringly beautiful natural surrounding and you see a bit of congestion up ahead, you might want to pull out your binoculars because there may be wildlife in your midst. Check out this video taken inside the park of a grizzly family making their way across the road as a line of cars patiently waits nearby. It should be noted that female grizzly with cubs are known to be highly protective of their young. This protective instinct can make them more aggressive if they perceive a threat to their cubs, so its a good thing everyone stayed in the cars and out of harms way. Incredible thing to witness, Glacier National Park is truly magical:


Glacier provides a wonderful opportunity to view animals in their natural setting. Along with this opportunity comes a special obligation for park visitors. With just a little planning and forethought, visitors can help ensure the survival of a threatened or endangered species.

Always enjoy wildlife from the safety of your car or from a safe distance. Do not approach wildlife to take photographs. Every year visitors get too close to wildlife in order to get a picture. Sadly, injuries have occurred as a result. Use a telephoto lens instead. This will not only insure your safety, but the safety of the animal. And never approach a bear or get out of your car to get a picture of a bear.

Feeding, harassing, or molesting wildlife is strictly prohibited and subject to fine. Bears, mountain lions, goats, deer, or any other species of wildlife can present a real and painful threat, especially females with young.

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