Sliding down Mount Shasta.

MOUNT SHASTA, California – Glissading is the controlled slide down down a steep, snow-covered slope. While it can be a quick, energy saving way to descend certain slopes, it can also be pretty dangerous. In this case, the slope at Mount Shasta’s Red Banks wound up significantly steeper than the mountaineers in the video thought it was, forcing them to self arrest and walk down. One person did wind up sliding down the entire slope, but they went uninjured.

This happened on June 23, 2024 when we were descending down from Mount Shasta summit. Myself, a stranger, and my friend glissaded into a dangerous chute one after an other at Red Banks. Luckily, no one was injured. I plotted the safe route (where we ascended from) at the beginning of the video. If you ever go, stay safe and don’t blindly follow the glissading track, as it may lead you to danger. As the weather changes, a safe glissading track today can turn dangerous tomorrow.

According to the American Alpine Institute, there are 5 main cardinal rules of glissading. These include never glissading with crampons on, never glissading on a rope team, never glissading on a glacier, making sure that there’s a good, clean and safe runout, and making sure you can always see where you’re going. In the case in the above video, this guy wasn’t able to see how steep the terrain got. While nobody wound up injured, this could have easily lead to a life threatening situation.

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