Alta, Utah — While it wasn’t the all-time snowiest winter at Alta Ski Area like the 2022-23 season, it was a worthy encore. Alta received 628 inches of snow during the 2023-24 season, which is not a shabby total compared to the 903 inches they got during the winter of 2022-23. While Alta typically closes its lifts in late April, the snow sticks around for much longer.

This week, Alta Ski Area posted a photo comparison of the snowpack from July 1st of this year and last year on its social media pages.

Last year’s early July snowpack was quite deep in the upper elevations, allowing backcountry skiers the ability to shred in the summertime. While it’s still possible to ski at Alta in the next few weeks, skiing through the remaining snowpack over a long distance is getting trickier by the day. If you do go up to ski at Alta this month, please keep in mind that backcountry hazards exist, and it’s probably best to bring a friend.

Image Credits: Alta Ski Area

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