North Vancouver, British Columbia- After 58 years, one of the most historic lifts in Canada is now closed for good.

Earlier this offseason, Grouse Mountain’s Blue Tram spun for the last time. First opened in 1966, it was the largest, double-reversible passenger tram in Canada at the time of its inception. In 1976, the Red Tram joined it at the base area. It has been relied on during heavy wind days and for huge freight loads. Last week, Grouse commemorated its closing by releasing a tribute video.

Next up for Grouse Mountain is a new gondola. The twenty-seven eight-person gondolas will allow Grouse to have slightly more capacity from its base area compared to when the Blue & Red trams were spinning. In addition, with more cabins than the tram setup, this new lift will increase efficiency and decrease wait times for guests. The addition is meant to commemorate Grouse’s centennial in 2026.

Construction began in 2022 and is currently in its final stages. Grouse Mountain’s new gondola is expected to open during the 2024-25 season.

Image/Video Credits: Grouse Mountain Resort

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