Crestone Needle | Fourteener Rescue | Making Dangerous Things Look Easy | Blackhawks in Action

SANGRE DE CRISTO RANGE, Colorado – Nobody ever wants to see a search and rescue team while their in the mountains (unless they’re training, obviously). That’s the group that, if you’re meeting them, something has gone properly wrong. But they’re the heroes of the mountains. They put their own lives at risk to save others, completing some incredibly dangerous rescues. Soldier Stories took an in-depth look at a major rescue that occurred back in 2020, creating this incredible documentary.

The Colorado Hoist Rescue Team is a partnership between the Colorado Army National Guard and four search and rescue teams throughout the state. Together, they conduct rescues in the most difficult to reach places in Colorado. In Sept. 2020, they were called to a rescue on one of Colorado’s most famous and dangerous peaks, Crestone Needle, of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range. With a height of 14,203 feet, the elevation, weather, and terrain make rescues of any kind especially dangerous. This video shows the complete story… starting with the two climbers that called for help all the way through the aftermath of the rescue which awarded the crew the prestigious DUSTOFF award.

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