Moab, Utah β€” Last Friday, Utah experienced a variety of wild weather, including hailstorms, heavy rain, and high winds. This resulted in heavy flooding, especially in the town of Moab.

Moab suffered severe flash flooding after the city received .87 inches of rain in under ten minutes, nearly double more than it usually receives in June. Multiple roads, including 400 East and Kane Creek, had to be shut down Friday evening, and various people had to be evacuated.

The video below, shared with Brian Schnee of KUTV News by Jimmy Peterson, shows a rafter taking on the Class 1 rapids on one of Moab’s flooded roads. The rafter took on the muddy waters, passing by a downed trash bucket. While he was rafting, one bystander humorously screamed :

“I think you can get sponsored after this!”

Putting your raft in is probably shallow water is a pretty ballsy move, so we commend him for adventuring close to home.

Image/Video Credits: Brian Schnee (Jimmy Peterson)

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