Penguin jumps on body board.

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Surf’s Up’s Cody Maverick made a surprise appearance at a bodyboarding session in Cape Town, South Africa. Most believed the legendary surfing penguin was simply a character in a movie, but this recent appearance has certainly proved otherwise.

We had an insane encounter with the endangered African Penguin during a bodyboard session in Cape Town, one we will never forget!

In all seriousness, that must have been a wicked cool experience for Coach Aden Kleve. Plus the penguin seems to be having a very good time.

African penguins live along the southwest coast of Africa, with the largest colony living on Dyer Island off the coast of South Africa. Sadly, overfishing, coastal development, and habitat loss have caused their population to plummet, with less than 42,000 African penguins remaining.

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