World's first virtual axis bicycle seat
World's first virtual axis bicycle seat

There’s a saying about reinventing a better umbrella that dictates that everyday products with a superior design will become the new standard if their utility is undeniable. Well, Robin Macan and Philippe Guichard may have just reinvented something commonplace that has been a serious pain in the you know what and it’s super promising. This is the vabsRider, the world’s first virtual axis bicycle seat. The bike seat is ergonomic and is made to flow dynamically with the motion of pedaling and deliver a pain-free experience. They aren’t available to purchase quite yet but here’s a sneak peek:

About the vabsRider 

vabsRider by ataraxyBSC is the world’s first virtual axis bicycle seat. This dynamic and natural comfort rider makes the enjoyment of bike riding a true pleasure and brings the cycling experience to a whole new group of people.

Split seat design

The innovative split seat design allows for individual movement of the legs, rotating around the hip joints on an axis that is virtual to the seat.

How does it work?

The vabsRiderTM transfers the pressure from the sit bones to the femurs ensuring an evenly distributed load.

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