Taos Ski Valley's electric snowcat.

TAOS, New Mexico – Taos Ski Valley integrated two new snow cats over this past winter, one fully electric, and one hybrid. The electric was fairly limited in its use, mainly used to pull sleigh rides, clean out lifts, and through the terrain based learning area. But every time it went out, running for three hours, it saved fifteen gallons of fuel. The hybrid cat, on the other hand, went out on every shift as a front line groomer, using 20% less fuel than a typical cat every time it went out.

One of our standout achievements this season has been the successful deployment of the first fully electric snowcat and our hybrid snowcat using Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) renewable diesel. These technologies have reduced our carbon footprint, showcasing our commitment to sustainable operations. Tommy’s leadership was crucial in bringing these groundbreaking innovations to TAOS.

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