Seaplane and boat collide in Vancouver;
Seaplane and boat collide in Vancouver;

Wild scene out of Vancouver’s Coal Harbour where a Harbour Air seaplane collided with a pleasure boat Saturday. The impact was violent but remarkably only minor injuries were reported.

Canada’s Transportation Safety Board is collecting evidence and conducting interviews for its investigation and there are no official reports if any charges being filed but someone who filmed the crash from a nearby cruise ship said that someone on the boat was taken away in handcuffs:

“Getting ready to leave on a cruise ship on Saturday taking iPhone videos of sea planes taking off and I got this crash. Rescue boats appeared very quickly and got everyone. There were two injuries, which BC Health Services described as minor, and the guy in the boat was put in handcuffs. We had just gotten to our cabin and I wanted take a video of the pretty red plane taking off.”

Alternate angle of the crash:

Another angle of the Vancouver Sea Plane crash
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