The Loam Pass provides access to 40+ mountain bike destinations across the United States.

UNITED STATES – As sad as it may be, it’s probably time to admit that ski season has come to an end. But that just means shifting our focus to our favorite warm weather sports for the time being, hitting the trails for hikes, climbs, and, of course, some killer bike rides. If you’re looking for well priced access to some of the best bike parks in the United States, you should start looking towards the Loam Pass.

The Loam Pass provides 2 days of bike access to each of the 40+ destinations included. This includes full blown resorts like Woodward Tahoe in California, shuttles like Keweenaw Adventure Company in Michigan, and straight bike pars like Station Mountain in Texas.

The pass includes destinations across the country, from New England to the Southeast, over into the far West. With this pass, a summer of mountain bike based road trips would be incredibly easy. The pass is useable through the entire 2024 calendar year, so you can ride into December if conditions and parks allow.

The pass also gives holders a third day at each destination for 50% off, as well as other exclusive perks and discounts. Perhaps the best part of the pass is its price, though. At just $250, the Loam Pass can easily be paid of with just a few trips to different parks around the country.

A full list of destinations provided by the pass can be found here.

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