Before you get any ideas about jumping over a chairlift at your local ski resort, let’s pause and set the record straight. This “Party Lap” was coordinated by Red Bull on a closed course under the careful supervision of Mammoth Mountain professionals. It should not be tried by the general skiing public. With that clarification out of the way, enjoy this incredible edit shows a dream run down the sunny slopes of the iconic California resort. The footage is truly next level:

Skiers: @LoganPehota (+snowmobiler), @jespertjader, @NicoVuignier, Kirsty Muir, Paddy Graham, @nico.porteous, @hunterhenderson5904, Mac Forehand, Max Moffatt, @chablozmax, @ari_tricomi, Birk Irving, Walker Woodring

Filmed by@alexmeliss and @marinhoramonmeyer

Music: Shocking Blue – “Send Me A Postcard”

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