RAW Adventures trail building tutorial.

Have you ever looked at a hillside at though, ‘man, that would make for a killer mountain bike trail’? Got a piece of property that you think would be fantastic for mountain biking? Don’t want to look like an idiot when you go to volunteer on your first trail build? This trail building tutorial by RAW Adventures will give you all the basics.

Trail building is a unique craft, the mixture of creativity, sculpting and the fact that you get to ride and experience it. If you consider it an art form like me, you would probably agree that it is the most immersive art form. Nowhere else can an artist craft something and have hundreds of people experience the experience they crafted.

The video covers some of the trail building basics. Obviously it won’t make you a building master, and the only way to really know is to experience it yourself, but it can at least get things started.

Of course, only build where you have permission to build trails. That means your own property or an area that you’ve been given permission to build on by the property owner or property manager. No destruction of property or trespassing charges please!

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