Denver Airport is the biggest in America.
Denver Airport is the biggest in America.

Colorado is one of the top ski destinations in the world and skiers from far and wide end up passing through Denver International Airport on their way to the hills. While we all notice that evil looking metal horse on the way out, its hard to appreciate another distinguishing factor of DIA, its size.

Denver Airport is 9 times the size of LAX making it the biggest airport in America and will will soon be the airport with the most runways as its future project for 12 runways unfolds. Of the 4 million passengers who pass through DIA every year, there are loads of skier and snowboarders so we hope you appreciate this quick exploration of what makes it so special.

Denver International Airport By The Numbers

Denver International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. With over 77 million passengers traveling through the airport in 2023, DEN is one of the busiest airline hubs in the world’s largest aviation market. DEN is the primary economic engine for the state of Colorado, generating $36.4 billion for the region annually.

What Makes DEN Unique?

  • DEN served 4 million international passengers in 2023
  • DEN serves 200+ nonstop destinations
  • Average daily passengers: 213,254 (2023)
  • Total number of gates: 148 narrow-body contact gates and 21 apron-load positions for commuter/regional aircraft
  • The Jeppesen Terminal features 2.6 million square feet of space
  • The approximately 240,000 square-foot tent roof is held up by 34 masts and is large enough to cover more than four football fields
  • DEN has approximately 300 lane miles of roads (more than the distance from Denver to the Utah border)
  • The airport has more than 31,000 public parking spaces
  • DEN is the largest airport site in North America and the second-largest in the world

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