Canyonlands National Park — Utah is home to some of the most jaw-dropping places on the planet, which is why it’s home to five national parks. While Canyonlands doesn’t receive the notoriety of nearby Arches National Park, it’s still home to some incredible feats of nature.

In this newly released video from More Than Just Parks, they showcased Canyonlands in 8k. In particular, the video focuses on the Island in the Sky District, known for its vast sandstone cliffs. Activities like hiking, biking, and 4x4ing are possible in this unworldly place. The icing on the cake in the incredible video below is the footage from the sunrises and sunsets at Canyonlands.

For more information about what to do at Canyonlands, click here for a travel guide from More Than Just Parks.

Image/Video Credits: More Than Just Parks

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