Grand County Search and Rescue along the Colorado River following the accident. Credit: Grand County Sheriff's Office - Colorado

GRAND COUNTY, Colorado – One man is dead and another is missing after a rafting accident in the Yarmony Rapids area of the Colorado River south west of Kremmling, Colorado on Saturday. According to the Grand County Sheriff’s Office, Grand County Communications Center was alerted to the incident via text around 3:40 p.m. on June 2.

Grand County Search and Rescue, Grand County Sheriff’s Office, Grand County Emergency Medical Services, Bureau of Land Management, Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, Eagle County Paramedics, Rock Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Greater Eagle Fire Protection District, and Vail Mountain Rescue all responded to the text, which reported a subject that was not breathing on the river.

Upon arrival, responders learned that the incident was that of a capsized raft, and that another male subject was still missing. CPR was being conducted on the 56-years-old from the Denver-Metro area, though he was later pronounced deceased by EMS personnel.

The missing subject is a 61-year-old male from the Denver-Metro area. Rafts, ground crews, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and a Union Pacific Railroad Hi-Rail were utilized to search for the man on Saturday, though they were unable to locate him through the day.

Bureau of Land Management River Rangers have conducted additional searches since, but still nothing has come up. Neither subjects were wearing personal flotation devices during the accident.

Grand County Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone rafting in the area to remain vigilant and to call 911 if they have any additional information.

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